Credit Piggyback

What is Credit Piggybacking?

Piggyback credit is credit you’ve built up with the help of healthy, established accounts. It’s very simple: The experts and Credit Pro add you as an authorized user on tradelines (i.e., accounts) that have a very good standing, enabling you to “piggyback” off of the already established good credit.

You might be wondering if piggybacking credit reflects poorly on you. The answer is no—since about 30% of credit reports contain at least one authorized user account, it’s perfectly normal for this to appear on your credit report.

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When faced with the problem of a poor credit score, it’s easy to feel down and unsure of how you’ll be able to improve it. After all, you’ve checked your credit score because you’re in the market for a new beginning, a big purchase, or something else that requires credit reporting agencies to examine your standing, and seeing a low score can be very discouraging.
Like many of life’s other problems, improving your credit score is made much easier with a boost. In terms of improving your credit, this is called “credit piggybacking.”

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