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Smarter Financial Decisions

With a V&E Rapid Boost account, you get your free Experian credit score and a free credit report card. It’s all in a personalized, easy-to-read dashboard that lets you see your score and what goes into it.

Checking your credit is one of the best financial moves you can make. Start now—for free—right here.

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Check Your Credit for Free

Check Your Credit for Free

Your free V&E Rapid Boost account shows your credit in a personalized dashboard with your score and a snapshot of the five key areas that affect your credit score—payment history, credit utilization, credit history, account mix, and credit inquiries. There’s no cost, no hard credit check and no credit card or Social Security number required.
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Review Your Credit Profile

Review Your Credit Profile

With a account, get graded with easy-to-understand grades for the five areas that affect your score. Also, see the factors that most influence each area. See late payments, overused credit limits, hard credit checks and more. You’ll get personalized pinpoint advice that lets you better manage your credit starting right now.
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See Where You Stand

See Where You Stand

Easily compare your credit. See how your score and credit factors have changed. Check if you’re moving from bad credit to fair or good credit to excellent. Plus, compare your credit score against the averages for the country, your state and your age group.
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More than a Free Credit Score

Qualify Credit RecommendationsMake Smarter Decisions Get advice to improve your credit. Also, see which credit card or loan you’re most likely to qualify for— before you apply. Everything is personalized to your credit score and credit standing. And checking your credit is always free. See your recommendations »
Get Updates Every 14 Days Your free Experian credit score updates every 14 days at no cost to you. Come back and check it whenever you want. Have instant access to your most current score and report card. And quickly identify changes that could indicate fraud or identity theft. See your score now »Your Free Credit Score and Report Card Are Updated Every 14 Days
Get Your Free Credit Check From ExperianHave Data Straight from the Source Your free credit score and credit report card come from your credit file at Experian, one of the nation’s leading credit reporting agencies. The only other place to get your Experian score is straight from Experian itself. Learn more »
Know Your Data Is Safe and Secure V&E Rapid Boost works hard to ensure that security of your data. Data is protected by the latest bank-level encryption. And V&E Boost systems are monitored 24/7 and have been for more than 17 years. Read the V&E Security Promise »Credit Security

Learn from the Credit Experts

Learn all about credit. Find ways to best manage your credit scores and how to interpret your credit reports. Plus get information on personal finance, debt management, debt collections, loans, taxes, and more. It all comes straight from the V&E Rapid Boost expert community.

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