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How to Build Credit Fast

Building credit isn’t normally a particularly fast process. In fact, it can take years to build up a healthy credit score. However, with a method called “credit piggybacking,” V&E Rapid Boost s able to help our clients build credit fast.

Piggybacking involves adding you as an authorized user on tradelines with a healthy credit standing. That means you get a boost in your credit, also called an enhancement, just by being associated with established, healthy credit tradelines.

By using healthy tradelines you can build credit faster than doing so the old-fashioned way alone. Of course, even when using tradelines for credit repair, it’s important to actively work toward improving your credit with responsible fiscal decisions. Feel free to contact us for help!

Making some financial decisions requires you to have built up several years of positive credit history. But if you’ve never applied for any kind of credit, it is likely that you have a low score or no score at all. So what can you do?

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